by Abi Reimold

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thank you Eric Sanderson, Kathryn Rogers, Molly Germer


released December 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Abi Reimold Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: babies' daddies
Where do you go
when you turn your hearing aid on low?
and what thoughts have you got
when you're lying there with your eyes closed in your cot?

and why don't you talk at all?
as they shove you into the hole in the wall?

Where do you go?
Track Name: terminal
think about what you shouldn't and what you should
but if someone says, "hey man that ain't so good," it's
embedded like the motor that lives under the hood
part of a person like how trees are made of wood

I'm tired of sitting around waiting for something to melt this.
So sick of myself being so fucking selfish.
Instead of contemplating the nature of my empty dish
Perhaps I should consider mystery of 12 baskets of fish

After trying really hard to find God in a book
I'm starting to think, that's not the best, best place to look.
I wish that he grabbed me by my shoulders he took, or
My hand inside of his hand he took.

And I saw a dead cat on the road today.
I passed beside him on my bike where on the pavement he lay
and thought, "hey I could pass in a similar way
if the next driver upon the road attention didn't pay."

In the diner Andy asked "What happens when you kill a fly?"
and I thought for a moment then said, "I guess that he's no longer alive?"
and he said that in the same way that that that little guy just lives and dies
that's how it will happen to you and I

And I saw a dead cat on the road today
I passed beside him on my bike where on the pavement he lay
and thought, "If a car came along and crushed me too,
being a grease mark on the highway can't keep me from loving You."
Track Name: rug
gluing the rug to the floor was the best decision we made
when the house burned down that rug it still remained

standing in the soot pile that was our front porch
before our residence was torched
staring at a home that nothing can replace
mourning over hard work that has gone to waste

although the adhesive no longer adheres
and a stupid rug can't make me pretend you are near
just that it exists is enough for right now
for someday it can be used somehow

and on that someday the rug will be a place for our feet
when once again on the same surface our toes meet
although there's no roof over our heads
my boots will no longer be filled with lead
Track Name: purplflowr
I'm turning my jersey in
(it's clear that we cannot win)
cross my last name from your book
at me take one final look

gold disintegrate to dust
velvet treasure, mold and rust
consumed by what you assume
bitter rain erode the hume

purple flower closes up
elsewhere seek for it's raindrop
inside your own head you're caught
it takes you places it ought not
Track Name: Birdfood
bend at the knees and
my being's freezing
doubt leaves me little
space for believing
bend at the knees and
my being's freezing
sour no sweetness
them bees be fleeing

purple's on my thigh
black is in the sky
my bed's neglected
ain't getting shut-eye
purple's on my thigh
black is in the sky
the sun has not yet
decided to rise

I sit for ages
cross legged on red rug
slowly sipping room
temp tea from blue mug
thoughts between my ears
like messenger pigions
taking little bits
of my brain with them
feeding my brain to
their little bird kids

if there's a god like
Katie says there is one
who in conversation
sounds like the ocean
creatures got their kin
trees have got their limbs
the universe is
claustrophobic without him