by Abi Reimold

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released February 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Abi Reimold Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: SEED///SHEED
you are seed my heart is soil
I'm old tea bag you're water boiled
I lack stability, you are bead rock
I lack ability except when with you I walk

my heart is soil and you are seed
if love exists its not in word but in deed

remember the day when your love was born?
you called her beautiful, lily among the thorns
you praised each aspect of her physique
from her long dark hair to her pearly white teeth
you invited her to please be your bride
she wholeheartedly agreed to abide

but she sold her braids
wigs for the black market
missing yellow teeth
speed of unsalutary neglect
she recognized you not
when you came to call
she turned your lover's bed
into a shopping mall

used you for status as princess and queen
to exploit children, partake in conquest obscene
she took your body and made it a joke
the legend is Diderot laughed so hard
that he nearly chocked
she took your person
put it in a box
kept all the questions out
with paradigm's padlocks

no se nada

I have not yet proved myself loyal
if there's no you why should I toil?
Track Name: BUT YOU CAN'T
stick your finger in my leg rip it apart by the cap
stick your finger in my pot and my wishbone you can grab
stick your finger in my closet and take away all my clothes
stick your finger in my face and dispose of my nose
stick your finger in my backpack and take away all my books
stick your finger in my eyeballs and take away the way I look
stick your finger in my wallet and take away all my cards
stick your finger in my real estate and take away my backyard
stick your finger in my insides and take away my soul
but you can't